Philadelphia Drain Cleaning Services

Tired of your clogged drain? Below are some helpful tips about drain cleaning and also a list of Philadelphia drain cleaning services as well as plumbers in the Philadelphia PA area. Find a professional Philadelphia drain cleaning company or sewer cleaning service and get the job done right.

Drain cleaning

Arrow Plumbing & Drain Clean 1813 E Cornwall St, Philadelphia, PA 19134 (215) 739-4343

Precision Plus Plumbing 1625 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146 (215) 748-7587

Active Plumbing & Drain Cleaning 12330 Medford Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19154 (215) 612-0500

P&R Plumbing & Drain Cleaning 1342 Rodman St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 543-6140

Find A Plumber

Protech Plumbing 1900 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19115 (215) 987-2269

Domenick Drain Cleaning 705 Sigel St, Philadelphia, PA 19148 (215) 463-4661

Bleil Plumbing 1325 Arrott St, Philadelphia, PA 19124 (215) 289-8863

Anderson Drain Cleaning 7360 Garman St, Philadelphia, PA 19153 (215) 727-9014

Whartenby Drain Cleaning Services 1813 E Cornwall St, Philadelphia, PA 19134 (215) 739-3012

Winnie's Drain Cleaning 663 N 54th St, Philadelphia, PA 19131 (215) 473-0191

Best Choice Plumbing & Heating 2521 Orthodox St, Philadelphia, PA 19137 (215) 289-0169

Quinn's Plumbing Heating 220 E Mermaid Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19118 (215) 242-6329

Homeowners in Philadelphia know that sooner or later they will have to deal with a clogged drain. When home remedies and store bought chemical solutions don't clear the drain, it's time to call in the professionals. A drain cleaning specialist in Philadelphia can unclog virtually any stubborn drain. Equipped with drain rodding equipment or high pressure water jetters, this is not something a homeowner or DIY should attempt to do on their own. Not only is the equipment expensive to rent, but also very dangerous in the hands of a non professional.

What may appear to be a simple clog, can turn out to be something much bigger. When all the drains in the house get backed up, you may have a main line sewer problem. A Sewer camera inspection can pinpoint the location and determine the cause of the blockage. From tree roots to collapsed pipes, the problem could vary greatly. Older cities like Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston have older homes and older plumbing and sewer lines. Sewer rodding, snaking a drain are just a few of the ways some people describe the need to clear their drains. Before you hire a drain cleaning company or plumber, always ask questions. We listed companies on this site to help you get a quick list to call, but you need to make sure for yourself if they are qualified and the information is accurate and up to date. Check for references and proper licenses. Do they offer a warranty on their work? Do they charge by the hour or by the job? Asking questions will help you put the odds in your favor of find the right Philadelphia drain cleaning company.